The “100 Days” Centenary Tour

From the Battle of Amiens 8 – 18 August, 1918 – To Mons and the First Armistice 11/11/1918

Note:  This itinerary is still being refined.

“August 8th was the black day of the German Army in the history of the war.” German general Erich Ludendorff.



Items in Red are Must Sees.

Items in Blue are Possibles, as time allows.

Day One – From Zero Hour, 8/8/1918 Amiens
Depart Lille, France – 9 a.m.

  • Le Quesnel Canadian Memorial
  • Amiens Cathedral
  • Beffroi d’Amiens (Bell tower)

Day Two – Arras

  • Vimy Canadian Memorial
  • Dury Canadian Memorial

Day Three

  • Wellington Carriere Tunnels
  • Drocourt-Queant Line
  • Canal du Nord


Day Four – Cambrai

  • Bourlon Wood Canadian Memorial
  • Cambrai Memorial
  • Historial de la Grande Guerre, Peronne
  • Bullecourt Australian Memorial
  • ´Elise Saint-Martin, Denain


Day Five – Mons

  • Mons Memorial Museum
  • Symphorium Military Cemetery
  • Hotel de Ville and Canadian Memorial therein


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